Who Are You?

It's a big question - "who are you?" A scary one. And it's exactly the type of question at the core of counseling. It's a question worth exploring. Together.

My counseling practice exists to look at the heart of why we seek counseling. What manifests as anxiety or depression is more often an expression of our unmet needs and unspoken fears. It's my belief that successful counseling pulls back the masks we wear so that we can work towards a more authentic, fulfilling life. It's this belief that drives me.

If you are looking for an open space to explore this and other questions, and if you are looking for a counselor who believes that acceptance and compassion are at the heart of healing, then consider yourself welcome.




My approach to anxiety treatment is to provide a safe environment where my clients can explore and understand the roots of their anxiety. With this insight we can utilize several physical tools -such as breathing exercises, - as well as practical tools - such as journaling,- to address and improve the everyday symptoms of anxiety.


Depression and anxiety often go hand in hand - one feeds the other, and it's hard to know where one ends and the other begins. My approach to depression treatment is to understand the core purpose of one's depression, and to work with this purpose in creating a new and healthy approach to depression and well-being overall.


My professional approach to trauma is informed by my training, my professional experience, and my personal understanding. I work with clients who have suffered adult and childhood trauma. Using an existential and body-centered approach, my goal with trauma work is to address the physical symptoms of trauma itself, while re-framing the trauma so that we can experience it in a new and healthier way. 

Domestic Violence and Abuse
Relationship Development
Onsite Trauma Services

I have extensive experience working with survivors of domestic violence and abuse in its physical, emotional, and psychological forms. For clients who have suffered from prior abusive relationships, we will work together to understand the history that may have led to abuse, and we will work to change underlying beliefs so that future relationships can be healthy and fulfilling.

While many experiencing relationship issues may seek out a couples therapist, I help clients who are primarily interested in working on their role in the relationship. My focus is on being an advocate for my client in helping them articulate their desires for the relationship. I have extensive experience working with clients who would like to be better at setting boundaries; in working with clients who are unsure about their relationship; and with men who have engaged in infidelity. 

In my previous roles as an Employee Assistance Provider, I have conducted over sixty onsite trauma debriefings for employee deaths, suicides, construction accidents, natural disasters, and more. I am available for onsite debriefings and consultations either through several local EAPs or directly.